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Eye Care and Finding the Right Clinic Technology is changing the way eye doctors diagnose and treat eye sight problems. They also now comprehend how to relate with their patients effectively. After all, the field of medicine has witnessed many changes in the past few years. Several years back, patents in Auburn talked to their eye physicians either by visiting their clinic or phoning them. Things have currently changed. Most patients are now able to get in contact with their doctors, thanks to the cell phone. They either call or text their eye doctor anytime they have problems with their eyesight. However, always calling your doctor for eye care services also has its downside. Patients occasionally wait for the doctor’s reply instead of going to the clinic. They are so particular about who looks into their eye problems that they end up postponing the appointment. Doctors do not always keep their eyes on their cellular phones. They might be in a meeting or engaged with patients and can’t immediately answer their phone. The mobile phone can also be prone to abuse. Some individuals with even minor issues just call. You should also allow the doctor also has a life to lead and needs some space. Your best choice would be to visit Medical Arts Eye Clinic and Optical in Auburn.
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The following are tips you should always remember before you get onto your cell phone and speed dial your eye doctor.
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Be particular of your eye problems You will need to be specific about the symptoms you have been having and challenges with your eye sight. Making an inquiry over the cell phone is regarded in some instances as consultation. Do not text vague messages. You have to include other information, such as when you started experiencing the problem, description of these symptoms (intensity, timing, and aggravating and alleviating factors), whether or not you are taking some medicine, and what has occurred since then. Don’t raise your expectation too high Just don’t expect the eye doctor to prescribe medicine after only a couple of text messages of the eye problems you are facing. Handling an issue related to the eye is complex. The “one size fits all” clinic doesn’t apply anymore. Prescribing medication or eyeglasses without evaluating the individual can do you more harm than good. Make a point of visiting the eye doctor personally If you haven’t seen your doctor in a while, it is then best to see him personally. A good deal of changes may have occurred with your eye sight that will help him to know how to proceed with your treatment. If the issue is more pressing and serious, do not text and wait for a response.

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