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Checkout the Real Estate in Aruba Aruba’s real estate market is now recovering after years of low condition and this is all because of their robust economic growth and a continuing tourism growth. We are yet to find an official data on the cost of an average house prices per square meter in Aruba, however, imagine a two-bedroom house with a pool would cost you around US$325,000. After the global economic crisis in 2009, the economy in Aruba has slowly gaining and making the property market also recover by 2013.
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Located south of Malmok is Bakval which is considered in Aruba as having the most expensive housing. The largest group of homebuyers in Bakval are North Americans, especially from the United States, with residential properties ranging from US$800,000 to US$1.3 million. Recently, there has been growing interest for the real estate properties from South Americans like Brazil and Venezuela.
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Another sign of a growing residential market in Aruba is the picking up of residential construction wherein the number of construction permits granted for houses and apartments increased by 18.8 per cent. Having named as paradise on earth, Aruba’s real estate market is booming nowadays. If you are thinking or interested to buy real estate in Aruba there are some tax matters that you have to consider. Buying a house and living in Aruba, just like in other places, would need paperwork and this you must understand about its requirements. In order to help you understand and go through the process of the requirements in obtaining real estate in Aruba, there are several Aruban realtors who are available at your service. To suit every type of traveller, there are several varieties of vacation property rentals available in Aruba. Aruba offers all real estate for rentals, from a cosy studio apartment, to a private beach villa, a luxurious condo, or a fully furnished timeshare unit. Depending on the location, group size, level of comfort, square footage and amenities, these properties can be found in different price ranges. December is considered as the busiest time of the year in Aruba for rentals and many properties are rented several months in advance. Vacation properties in Aruba in the form of condo or apartment are the popular places to stay especially you can rent them in short or long term stays. Compared to resorts and hotels, many travellers and tourists would prefer vacation apartment rentals because of the size, convenience and the feel at home atmosphere. Depending on the unit you have chosen and the length of stay, you can have free internet access, daily housekeeping, breakfast, a pool, an outdoor dining facilities and other amenities.

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