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Pros Of Having an Asphalt Driveway for Your Home or Commercial Site. Concrete and pavers are usually the first to come to mind when you think of installing a driveway. Asphalt pavement has numerous benefits compared to other driveway types. Due to their smooth material, asphalt driveways are considered the safest to use. When surfaced, asphalt makes the smoothest road surface and allows superior contact with the vehicle for a safer ride. Concrete is very slippery when laid on steep slopes, and it can cause skidding especially when it is wet. On the other hand, asphalt driveways offer a great skid resistance even when the asphalt is wet. Open-graded asphalt, which is a particular type of road surface, can help reduce splash when it rains. An asphalt driveway can last for more than thirty years. When compared to concrete which can only last for that long or longer but with massive and expensive repairs, installing an asphalt driveway will be the best option. An asphalt driveway can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.
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An asphalt driveway has lower maintenance costs than a concrete driveway. Just because an asphalt driveway is durable it doesn’t mean that it will not eventually undergo wear and tear but when it eventually does, it will be less costly to repair unlike a paver or concrete driveway. An asphalt driveway is flexible, meaning it can expand and shrink without cracking hence protecting it from destruction under the surface.
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You can effortlessly purchase the supplies needed to cover the asphalt driveway, and you can also do it yourself. Since an asphalt driveway is long lasting, the maintenance costs are far much less. Saves time If you are pressed for time, asphalt is the route to go since it can be laid in forty-eight hours and you can start using it almost immediately. Cost effective. In most cases, an asphalt driveway can be around 40-30 percent less expensive than a paver or concrete driveway. Asphalt material can be used over and over since its life cycle does not end. The asphalt industry recycles and reuses over one hundred million tons of asphalt material a year. By being recyclable, asphalt will lead to less landfill, and this will result in saving the environment. Another environmental benefit of installing asphalt driveways is that it will not spill into water sources and contaminate it. The color of concrete and pavers will make oil leaks stand out. An asphalt driveway will look better longer due to its ability to hide oil spills. Asphalt, on the other hand, will not suffer any damage from salt. Asphalt is great when it comes to snow removal.

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