The Essentials of Tools – Revisited

The Smart Pepper Spray Device That Photographs Your Assailant The pepper spray is a device used for defense and takes photo of your assailant. It does not only take the photograph of the assailant but sends an instant message to the authorities for help. This allows you to call for urgent help and also ensure that you have evidence necessary for the prosecution of your attacker. The pepper spray has remained as one of the women defense devices used for several years. The new features is the inclusion of the camera. This device has received a lot of enthusiasm and has several pre-ordered units. The reason behind the high demand for this device is that it allows women to get evidence to prosecute the assailant something they could not otherwise get. This device makes it possible to capture live evidence that will make sure that the attacker is punished. calling for help has even made so easy by the device. It takes and sends the photo of the incident to the nearby police. The signal is sent to the defenders servers where it then uses the GPS to find the nearby police and passerby. The device makes it pretty hard for the case of sexual harassment to be successful. The tool contains pepper spray which helps to control the assailant until such a time when the best action can be taken. This must be a good reason to thank the defender company for this innovation. It is better when you can prevent the attack than when the event occurs. It is better when you have the evidence to show after an attack than when you don’t have. Two buttons are present on this device. The first button is for firing the assailant and is, therefore, the defense button. This button also switches the camera which captures the photo of the assailant. There is a Bluetooth connection between the device and phone. It sends the photos to the phone via Bluetooth. The phone has software that sends the photo to the defender’s servers. The defender’s servers send signals to the nearby police for action. This means that you make an automatic call for assistance. Then, there is another button that is meant to call for help from health care facilities. if you have been injured and you need urgent medical care, press the second button. This features as the third role of the device since it calls for health care services. The high price tag for this device can be seen from that perspective. Concerns have been raised whether use of these devices is the best way to protect women from sexual harassment or there are other better ways. However, every woman has a right to take a defense measure or not take it.Equipment – My Most Valuable Advice

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