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How You Can Cancel A Timeshare? Timeshare is believed to be expensive despite the fact that it might give great vacation experience to its owner. Almost everyone is trying to cut cost these days due to the economic downturn we are experiencing and for that, it may be smarter for the owners to have his or her timeshare contract cancelled. For this reason, he/she could opt for vacations that are cheaper or perhaps, use the money on things that are more important. On the other hand, if the owner had just purchased timeshare and decides to get rid of it, he or she might do so without forfeiting his or her initial payment by acquiring a rescission period. Now in the US, almost every state has a rule of rescission or the time period wherein the buyer may change his/her mind and cancel sales contract without having to forfeit any money. But, you have to be warned that rescission period is varying from one state to the other. First of all, you have to check your contract for clause saying something about the rescission period. Everything that you have to know is listed in the contract and when you like to submit a rescission request, you may look for specific details that concern the deadlines in contract. Then, it’s time to make note of rescission deadline as soon as possible and the instructions on how to cancel timeshare successfully.
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By the time that you have found the information you need from the contract, you should have certified letter stipulating that you wish to cancel your timeshare. As much as possible, try to make it short and take note that there’s no reason to explain everything. An important thing is, they know that you exercise your rights to rescind contract by terms of the agreement. Now in the cancellation letter, you’ve got to include your include your address, name, date of purchase and contract number. By the time when the deposit was taken, you ought to request its return. In some other cases, the company will give you a form to be able to simplify the process and you can make use of that.
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Above everything else, prior to the cancellation deadline of the timeshare contract, you have to send your rescission letter. With your certified letter, you can demand for a signed receipt indicating that they must respond. Not only that, you have to make copies of all the documentation and be sure that it’s postmarked before the deadline. Apart from that, you have to make efforts in making copies of all documentation and see to it that it’s postmarked prior to the deadline. Through this, you are going to get proof that you have mailed it on time if ever there are some conflicts in the future.

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