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Learn of the Changes to Medical Cannabis Law in California Discussions on cannabis have been ongoing for quite some time. The question that people ask is whether cannabis should be legalized in the U.S. Supporters say that taxing of this product is a way of the State to get revenue. The supporters also claim that the effect of this product is not as severe as alcohol. Those who oppose this motion claim that legalizing the product will lead to a significant number of people especially the young using the product. They also claim that it is dangerous to drive under the influence of cannabis as compared to alcohol. Legalization of cannabis requires the state to set the right age, places, and measure of consumption. Thus, you cannot be ticketed, arrested, or convicted for using the product as long as you follow the set law. However, if anyone fails to follow the state law on licensing and taxation, they can be arrested. Thus, this is the reason that one should find a cannabis lawyer to help them understand the law and ensure that they follow it. There are many countries that allow the use of marijuana one of them being California. The reason behind the support is the therapeutic value that the product has. There are some medical conditions like cancer whose side effects can be improved when one uses this product. Even so, those growing and selling the product have been restricted to the number of plants and dosage to offer to users.
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Some changes are being implemented in the cannabis rule in California. The state of California, is establishing a standard for the product sold in the market, allowing those who sell to sample their products at county displays, and permit home deliveries. This new change has come as a result of negotiations between marijuana business people, the lawmakers, and the governor. The change merges the old program and the new law on the recreation of cannabis.
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The new bill being put across is that selling of marijuana for adult pleasure and medical use are two different things and this businesses cannot co-exist in one store. This is a complete change from the previous law that allowed the product both for adult-use, and medicinal product to be sold in one store. It is paramount to do this since the state will be able to inspect the businesses and confirm that they are following the law. The new suggestion has made the people selling this product scramble as they try to make sure that the have followed the law. The unrest is there despite the fact that this is just a bill. If you are dealing with marijuana; you should make sure that you keep up with any changes that might be taking place.

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