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Comprehending the Freight Matching Community the brokers and carriers make up the trucking industry as they are key in running of the industry the ones who are in charge of looking for freight and matching them with trucks are known as the brokers. The trucks are required to deliver the merchandise to the destination and the carriers do this task. it is no doubt that it was difficult to connect people with freight with those who had the trucks. The back and forth connection between the brokers and the carriers was one that was built on one on one relationships that were surviving on trust between the parties. The business networks increased as the relationships prospered. usually communication was through fax, emails and phone calls and it increased the cost of transacting a business. The internet revolution changed how people did business. The widespread use of internet led to businesses opting to sell their merchandise over the internet platform. it proved to be an easier way of carrying out business transactions.
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load board websites were therefore created to help nourish the business needs. the load board sites were developed to advertise freights and trucks to the other members of the transport industry. money and time were saved as well as a wider market was accessed due to the benefits of the websites.
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Load Boards became very popular but of course anything with benefits always has a couple of setbacks. it was imminent that the large number of users made it impossible for the companies to know who they made transactions with. the carriers and the brokers all became doubtful of the work ethics either had therefore there was no trust it is no doubt that the carriers doubted whether they’ll be paid and the brokers worried whether their goods will arrive at the expected destination on time. Social platforms on the internet were established that brought back the ability to build on relationships hence trust could be established. twitter, facebook, skype and youtube were among the social platforms that enabled relationships to be built. People could now be business partners as these platforms connected people successfully. Freight matching communities were now established. freight matching technology become possible with the mash up of freight matching technology and social networking. the trading communities where the users posted their services were private as the members were known to be familiar with each other This freight matching communities prove to be very efficient and they are able to push your business to greater heights. loadboard technology has a future in the freight matching communities.

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