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A Comparison between Wireless and Regular Loudspeakers

Posted on September 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

If you are in the market for speakers then you may have wondered whether to purchase regular loudspeakers or wireless speakers. The fact is that wireless speakers have become more popular lately thanks to advances in technology. In this article, I will compare both options and show you the pros and cons of each type of speaker. With your application in mind, this should help you decide on one of these options.

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First of all, let me explain the difference between regular and wireless loudspeakers. Regular speakers require power amplifier unless they are active meaning they have a built an amplifier. 95% of regular loudspeakers don’t have an amplifier built in and as such require an amplifier to work. Usually, regular speakers are less expensive than wireless speakers which offer similar sound quality. However, you have to factor the cost of the amplifier into the equation. Also, keep in mind that regular loudspeakers need speaker cable to connect to the amplifier. If the speakers are located far apart from the amplifier then the cost of the cable itself can also be significant.

The main difference between these two types of speakers is the way the signal is transmitted to the speakers. In case of the regular loudspeaker, the signal is supplied to the speaker from an amplifier via loudspeaker cable. In case of wireless speakers, the signal is sent wirelessly from a transmitter unit. In terms of installation, it depends on your application which of these two types of speakers is easier to install. If the speakers are located close to the music source then oftentimes using regular speakers is simpler because it does not require a transmitter unit. Wireless speakers are ideal for cases where the speakers are far away from the music source. Running long speaker wires might be a difficult task.

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Note, however that wireless speakers require power. You will need to plug the speakers into a power outlet. So wireless speakers are not suited for being set up outdoors where there is no power source. Also, wireless speakers are more easily damaged then regular speakers. They house sophisticated electronics which can break easily especially if moisture was to creep into the speaker. From a maintenance perspective regular loudspeakers therefore are better.

One limitation of wireless speakers is the range of the signal. You will not be able to transmit the signal indefinitely. If speakers are set up in another room of your house then wireless speakers might not work actually. I recommend to consult your retailer to estimate whether any particular type of speakers will work in your environment.