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Embroidery: A Quick Guide The main purpose of embroidering a cloth is mostly to make it look appealing to the human eye, embroidered clothes look beautiful. Embroidery does not only involve the use of threads and needles anymore,more creative ways have been devised all in an effort to make something more lovely. The use of threads and needles dates way back into the past periods, it is just being taken now in the modern times too. Embroidery has been relatively stable and it’s important to note that there are no significant changes. In the olden times, the type of embroidery was used to signify the wealth and status that a person has in the society for example leader wore clothes with embroidery to differentiate themselves from the rest. It marked the path to womanhood that the girl now took into becoming a full grown lady, and as such embroidery was given a lot of importance in the past than it is in today’s recent times. The use of computers has revolutionized the embroidery experience from being slow as it was in the past. We have the key stitches types in existence and almost most types of clothes will possess at least one of these guys. The kind of embroidery is classified according to the extent in which the design takes into consideration the type of the material. This one is common especially in the stitching of Japanese fabric and materials. The needlepoint embroidery is also quite technical to pull it off, and as such it requires the skills and expertise of a qualified professional. Finally we have the counted embroidery an example of which is cross-stitch. Technology has changed a lot, and as a result, we have machines that are used for embroidery some of which are computerized, some examples are commercial embroidery machines which have several needles, and the sewing threads are also multiple and available in different colors. We also have the embroidery only machine which lacks the capabilities of sewing. The combination embroidery machine can perform both tasks and its good since it can help save on space and power.
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The mechanised embroidery machines operate smoothly, and they can complete tasks quickly. The human inadequacies of making mistakes and certifying the cloth are absent in the machines because they are computer controlled.
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The fact that these machines produce a lot within a short period, it means that the merchandise is ready for dispatch. This is advantageous in that you do not need to keep on the plan after one is complete. However the major demerit of these machines is that in case of power failure, the process stops and this can lead to the company making a lot of losses. The hand embroidery is entirely not bad because it enables you to create an exceptional look that is eye pleasing.

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