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Tips on Selling Your House Without a Realty. The first step is to prepare your house for sale. It entails doing the self-assessment of the house to determine what needs to removed, done and added to make your house look as beautiful as possible. De-cluttering the house should be your starting point to make it look neat and spacious. You can either store them somewhere the prospective buyers cannot see them, or you can sell them at as lower price. This should be followed by identifying areas that need repairs and other small maintenance services. Your house should then be painted regularly with high-quality paint to ensure that it attracts many potential buyers. The outdoor should be well cleaned to ensure to attract more buyers as the first impression is always important. When your home is now ready for sale, you should, therefore, set the asking price for your house. You can contact your neighbors or friends to ask them the amount they sold their homes. You should be careful while setting the price of the house since any positive difference can drive away consumers. You can also undercharge your house which can also make you lose some good amount of money. Do thorough research on the correct price of the home before you set it. You make sure you price it correctly to attract more buyers. It should be a reasonable price.
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You should then follow it with an advertisement. Upload clear pictures of outside and inside of your house through house selling websites. Apart from that you can as well use the word of mouth, flyers, craigslist, facebook, twitter advertising on newspapers and many others. When you are advertising your house make sure you give clear and correct description of your house. You can also include landmarks, schools or even hospital in case they are near your house. The next thing to do is to negotiate the term of sale. After the buyers have seen the house they would then make their offers. To avoid conflicts you should ensure that the agreement is put down in writing no verbal agreement. Verbal agreements can easily be manipulated to fit someone. Make sure that the agreement contains all the details of the deal plus the price. After negotiation you can, therefore, choose the lucrative deal. After the negotiation of terms the agreement should be put under contract. The the contract should be agreed to the contract of sale or purchase and sale agreement. You can as well hiring an attorney who knows all the legal proceedings to develop a contract deal for you. After the agreement you should then close the transaction. In this step you will need the assistance of a title company to collect all the documents required to obtain property from one person to another and register it with local county government. All parties should sign the contract.

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