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Smart TVs: Deal or No Deal?

A smart TV is basically a television that is able to connect to the internet. This explains why some people will call them internet ready TVs and though this might sound useful, the truth is that they are rather overrated. Not that they are totally useless, but experts explain why this isn’t an excellent option as talked about here.

Security is something that you can place at the back seat when it comes to internet capable devices. Most homes today are actually being spied on courtesy of smart TVs and the last thing you want is for yours to be on this list. When you have this device in your room, you just cannot be sure of your privacy being guaranteed now that some will even come with cameras. With the thought that there is a hidden eye somewhere, you can bet that your stay at home won’t be as comfortable.

You have probably heard of attack by hackers online and smart TVs are probably no exception. In addition to someone being able to hack the cameras and spying on you, this author clearly explains the added risk of hackers installing ill intended apps that you would probably not want. Precious information on your files could in this way be retrieved by parties that you wouldn’t want.

Marketing firms could get their hands on your watching habits now that they will have someone to get such information. Some will even track your IP address and it will not be long before you start receiving promotional emails and calls that can at times be annoying. It would be a good idea to avoid smart TVs not unless you don’t mind being bombarded with such issues.

An interface that isn’t appealing is something that smart TV owners are forced to bear with as discussed here. The user is mostly forced to feed data using the remote and this can be an arduous task. Truth be told, you will in most cases get bored even prior to getting started with the movie.

The processing power of most smart phones is miles ahead when compared with that of smart TVs. It would not be surprising to experience freezes every so often whenever you try to carry out something intensive. Such kind of performance issues will interfere with the smooth flow of whatever you are viewing.

Their price is yet another factor you cannot overlook and this is something bound to make most smart TV shoppers nurse a financial headache. We are living in lean times and smart TVs don’t seem to understand this. Some buyers always think that a high price always goes hand in hand with quality that is topnotch but nothing could be further from the truth.

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